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Dog Boarding in Marietta, GA

We understand that it can be difficult to leave your beloved pet with a boarding facility. However, you can rest assured that Dog Kennels Marietta offers the best boarding arrangements and environment in Marietta, GA.

Our runs and dividers between suites are designed to prevent fence fighting, minimize stress related to dog boarding in Marietta, and prevent injuries to animals’ noses, nails, and paws. Each pet suite also drains individually into one sanitizing system, thereby preventing cross-contamination.

Boarding a Cat?

Most boarding facilities offer accommodations for dogs but don’t take the energy to create a comfortable facility for cats as well. Fortunately, we are more than just a Marietta dog daycare; we provide a cat daycare as well. Our cattery has fourteen accommodations for cats. The rooms are kept on their own, away from the dogs. They also have their own ventilation systems to keep the rooms clean and smelling fresh.

Does Your Pet Have Special Needs?

If your pet has special needs, we can easily accommodate them in our executive suites. These comfortable suites are separated from the general boarding area to enhance your pet’s comfort, while helping them feel more at ease.

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