Pet Boarding in Marietta

Kennels Marietta GA

If you need to board your pet while you are away on vacation, don’t leave him or her with just any boarding facility. Trust Dog Kennels Marietta for the best pet boarding services in Marietta, GA.

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Dog Kennels Marietta GA

For more information on our services, take a look at our FAQ page for answers to some common questions. We are also available to answer any questions by phone.

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Dog Kennels Marietta GA

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Kennels in Marietta

Are you planning on leaving town and looking for kennels in Marietta to board your pet for a short time? Pets need much more than a comfortable bed to sleep on and food every day during your absence. They still need to have love, support, and daily playtime to keep them in good spirits while you're away.

How Our Marietta Kennels Can Help

We are here to provide your pet with the love and care it needs while you are away and to reassure you that your furry friend is getting the best care possible in your absence. Dog Kennels Marietta is a quality pet care facility in Marietta, GA, that offers much more than the typical Marietta kennels and boarding accommodations to ensure that both you and your pet are well cared for.

Quality Pet Services

We are proud to offer the highest quality pet services available, including these:

  • Boarding
  • Bathing
  • Grooming

You Can Count on Our Professional Staff

We understand how nervous most people feel about leaving their pets in someone else’s care. However, if looking for pet boarding in Marietta, you can rest assured that our stress-free boarding environment and professional staff will keep your pet in good health and good spirits while you are away.

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